May 21, 2016

Huangyaguan, China, 2-hour drive from Beijing

Great Wall Marathon/Half Marathon

8N, 12N, 14N, and 17N Itineraries including Beijing, Xian, Shanghai


Photos from 2015 Great Wall Tour



8 Night - Beijing

12 Night - Beijing, Xian

14 Night - Beijing, Xian, & Shanghai

17 Night - Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong

Tour Info

Kathy Loper Events is proud to announce our 15th Annual tour of the Great Wall Marathon, Half Marathon, and 8.5K Fun Run/Walk in Beijing, China on Saturday May 21, 2016 This unique sporting and touring opportunity, under the direction of the Danish and Chinese Athletic Federations is an incredible experience for both the participant and spectator. 

"The Marathon of the Millennium" is now an international event. The course is awesome with 8K on the Great Wall. With the 1800 steps, varying greatly in width and height, the course is run on some steep ascents and descents as well as some very narrow passages on the Great Wall. Participants in the full marathon will conquer this section twice, while the half-marathon will travel through the farmland and villages and cover the 1800 steps of the Wall only once. The 8.5K Fun Run/Walk only includes some of the steps of the Great Wall. The longest part of the course is flat with some rolling terrain as well as some dirt road as it travels through the Chinese farmlands and villages.